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Learn to Reduce Stress by Letting Go of Perfection

limiting beliefs reduce stress Mar 07, 2022


00:00:08 Hello there. This is Dr. Shawn with reduced stress and thrive today. I'd like to speak to you about perfectionism and perfection being overrated. If you like these videos, I encourage you to like, or comment or direct message me, and I'd love to continue the conversation. You know, today I was reflecting on just the role of perfectionism. I know that's something that I've had to address in my life over the years.

00:00:39 I'm definitely a recovering perfectionist and sometimes still deal with it. But one thing I've realized is how perfectionism is linked to expectations and expectations can really do a number on us. Expectations really leads to disappointment. If things need to be a certain way, and we strive towards that perfection or that standard. But, you know, the reality of life is that we were created to learn and grow and develop over time.

00:01:10 Mistakes do happen. And, you know, we learn from our mistakes and really mistakes are an opportunity for learning. It's something that I've had to learn, you know, over my lifetime so far. And just to really let go of that perfect outcome that I'm looking for and just be okay, learning and growing and being in the moment. You know,

00:01:35 there's a lot of things that many of us had to let go of where we are still in the process of letting go of during this pandemic, you know, things are not the same and who knows when things will return. Hopefully this year, we'll see some of that, but many things are different right now. And expectations of how we do life have changed for so many of us and have really created a lot of stress.

00:02:01 And so one thing that I'm discovering is how limiting beliefs around perfection, around our expectations of life, really create increased stress and anxiety in our lives versus learning to live with what you can't control and changing what you can control and, and just finding peace of mind and the peace of God in the middle of all of that. And so here's just some thoughts today of just a challenge to take a look at what expectations do you put in front of yourself?

00:02:34 What kind of standard are you trying to live by? And is it okay to make a mistake? Is it okay to fail and learn from failure? Is it okay for something not to be perfect? And is it okay just to be in the moment and enjoy what is, so those are my thoughts for today. I hope you have a, a great week And God bless you.

00:03:01 Make it a great day.




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