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Experience a unique blend of coaching, counseling, and spiritual direction from Dr. Shawn that facilitates transformation and lasting change from the inside out (often not found through traditional approaches). These services are fee based, and he does not accept insurance, however HSA payments can be processed. Please refer to the FAQ section below.

You’re in the right place. We all need someone to come alongside us. Freedom, growth, and lasting change are within reach. It takes courage to take that first step and reach out. It’s important to take that step today. A path toward a better life awaits you!

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FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call

Let's connect to explore how I can help you reduce your stress, worry, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed so you begin to thrive. We will explore where you feel stuck and desire change. We will also discuss possible goals. Reduce Stress and Thrive sessions are designed to help you become your best self! You choose... we can meet via a phone call or video... and be introduced to the client web app. Please DO NOT schedule a Discovery Call without reading the FAQs below. Thank you.

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Reduce Stress and Thrive Session

Reduce your stress with Dr. Shawn in a session that will explore transformation and growth. You will discover how mindset practices and spiritual practices can create lasting change while setting goals for your journey. You can access the client area where you can schedule, receive resources and assignments, and take notes through a personalized mobile web app. Here is a link for additional sessionsPlease DO NOT schedule your first session without reading the FAQs below. Thank you.

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Reduce Stress & Thrive Bundle (10 Sessions)

Dedicate the time needed to create lasting change with Dr. Shawn over 10 sessions (50 min). You will make significant progress toward growth and healing. You will also learn and cultivate mindset practices and spiritual practices that create lasting transformation and more peace. You will receive access to the client area where you can schedule, receive resources and assignments, and take notes through a personalized mobile web app.

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Reduce Stress & Thrive Intensive (5 Sessions)

Commit to reduce your stress even more with Dr. Shawn over 5 intensive sessions (1 hr 45 min). You will see accelerated results and healing. You will also learn and cultivate mindset practices and spiritual practices that create lasting transformation and peace in your life. You will receive access to the client area where you can schedule, receive resources and assignments, and take notes through a personalized mobile web app.

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Reduce Stress & Thrive Sessions

Life has become overwhelming and stress is an all to common feeling. You find yourself worrying about trying to problem-solve the issues and demands you face daily. There seems to be no relief and you find it very difficult to focus on what can bring peace and calm into your life. As a personal development coach, I can help... Begin your day with a better focus and begin to resolve what causes the stress, worry, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed that hold you back. You will discover the limiting beliefs at the root of most of your stress, worry, anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed. You will also learn ways to interrupt the stress response, calm your central nervous system, and refocus on what brings peace and calm. 

We all need a coach, counselor, mentor or guide at times in our life to help us internalize new practices and rhythms so they become second nature... a new way of being and flow in our lives that allow us to enjoy fulfilling relationships and a sense of purpose, joy and gratitude daily. 


You may have tried books, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs and other resources. There is so much information out there and differing opinions on how to achieve results. I would like to introduce to you a transformational approach that has been tested on hundreds to thousands of clients over thousands of sessions for the past 23 of the 28 years I’ve been in practice. I am not satisfied with helping people cope better or limp along better in life. We all need true authentic transformation... from the inside out. Trust me... trying harder and will power is over-rated. I’ve tried it and have seen countless people having tried it without lasting results.  

We need a different type of process and journey that leads to authentic change.

After being dissatisfied with traditional approaches, a quest to discover how people’s hearts and minds are truly transformed began. Then, I discovered what leads to lasting change is often very different from the typical traditional approaches, which focus more on symptoms and changing behavior without transformation within.

It is my desire to see you experience the freedom… peace… fulfillment… meaning and purpose… you long for. Don’t go it alone. We all need someone to help us in our transformational journey. Guiding us… Encouraging and supporting us…

Identify the stressors in your life, reduce the worry and anxiety while discovering a better perspective and life. Enjoy a journey of becoming the best version of yourself and begin to thrive!

The good news is there is hope. 

Hope for a life beyond the stress and anxiety. Hope beyond the pain of past events, traumas, broken relationships and personal failures. You’re in the right place. We all need someone to come alongside us.

As a faith-based counselor, I can help. It’s time to experience a life that is full… A life where you experience transformation and healing. A life where there is more peace, satisfaction and healthier relationships. A life where there is a greater sense of joy, fulfillment and meaning.

I am ready to be your counselor and coach. Ready to experience the change you have longed for? The journey will be full of challenges and breakthroughs, but the reward is a changed-life that lasts. Now is the time to take action!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I highly recommend Dr. Shawn. He helped me through a rough period of anxiety. His gentle guidance through the healing process was just what I needed.

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