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New Beginnings as a Way to Reduce Stress

reduce stress Feb 28, 2022


00:00:10 Hello there. This is Dr. Shawn with reduced stress and thrive. It's good to be with you today. I'm here at Fisher park. I'm in South central PA or Pennsylvania, and that's near Harrisburg in a little town called Mechanicsburg. Anyways, I just wanted to check in hope you're doing well. And I just had some thoughts today. I've been thinking about just a new beginning and change that's coming yesterday.

00:00:36 It was like 56 degrees. It was amazing here today. It's a little cooler, unfortunately I'm 45 and I'm standing behind a tree cause it's really windy out, man. Definitely a big difference from yesterday, but I tell you what many of us got spring fever yesterday? And we're just looking forward to warmer weather. I'm looking forward to just things changing this last year has been difficult.

00:00:59 It's been stressful in many ways, and I'm sure you can relate. We've all experienced different stresses, anxiety, worry about the future. And you know, it's, you know, we're all looking for some change. And one thing that I've noticed in my life is that where I focus changes what's going on internally inside of me. And if I can focus on new beginnings and things around the corner,

00:01:29 that could be different hopeful for a different future hopeful for a different outcome. You know, I'm looking forward to spring. I'm looking forward to the sun, looking forward to the spring flowers coming in. I noticed in our garden, in the front of our house, there's some of the green roots or shoots coming out of the ground. It's hard to believe it's 1st of March.

00:01:49 And you know, we're seeing the beginnings of new life. And, and so that's where my heart's been focused today. And I'm looking forward to seeing what's happening or what's going to happen around the corner. Hope that's an encouragement to you. Feel free to direct message me or leave a comment and just let me know. What are you looking forward to?

00:02:08 What are you hopeful for in the coming days? And weeks ahead, God bless you and

00:02:13 Make it a great day.




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