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Exciting Live Shows Coming This Month to Reduce Stress

news reduce stress Feb 21, 2022


00:00:13 Hello. There it is my pleasure to speak with you today. My name is Dr. Shawn Geraty from reduce stress and thrive and reduce stress.life. I help busy individuals reduce the stress overwhelm and anxiety in their lives through strategies that improve your emotional wellbeing and spiritual practices that deepen your relationship with God. I'm also a Christian counselor and have been in practice for the last 25 years.

00:00:37 Today. I would like to share with you some exciting things that are coming this month on reduced stress and thrive. You know, we've all been through a lot this past year with a pandemic. It has created a lot of stress points for many of us in many different ways. From dealing with working at home, trying to help our kids go to school remotely.

00:01:02 Some of us have kids in college. I know we had like a couple in college that came home to finish their classes online last March, as well as we have one in high school. And it was quite challenging for our kids to learn how to, you know, be remote, do all their studies online and maintain motivation. Many of us adults we're learning how to juggle a different sort of life and,

00:01:30 and work from home as well as deal with the routines of life. Plus, there was all this unknown and, you know, at times many of us increased or experienced stress due to loved ones, contracting the virus and or friends, and just various situations that came up. So I know that this has been a stressful year and what I've been led to do and,

00:01:55 and have a passion for is helping people with stress, reducing their stress, reducing anxiety, and fear of the unknown fear of the future and, and finding ways to live in the now live in the moment and enjoy life again. And so it'll be my pleasure to serve you and to go over some strategies as well as, you know, discovering some limiting beliefs that really are at the core of the stress that we experience in life.

00:02:25 I just want to encourage you to direct message me, or you can comment on this post. And I would love to hear from you regarding ways that you have experienced stress in the past few months,

00:02:39 Have a great day. God bless you.




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