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How to Create Space to Reduce Your Stress

reduce stress Mar 31, 2022


00:00:10 Hello there. This is Dr. Shawn with reduced stress and thrive today. I just wanted to check in with you and share a little bit of what I'm thinking about. And, you know, I woke up this morning thinking about just how important it is to create space. And, you know, it's, it's interesting, you know, our lives are so busy and our lives can be just cram packed and full of all sorts of distractions and the necessary things that we do.

00:00:44 It's hard to find time for things that are meaningful and things that are just such are just so needed, even at a soul level, you know? And, and so my glasses off here, I see that they're reflecting and you're probably just seeing a bunch of lights in right eye or the glass. But anyway, so yeah, like I, I just woke up thinking about the importance of creating space,

00:01:14 creating space for God, creating space for ourselves, and to do a little soul care as well as creating space for those that we love our spouse or significant other, or how about like, you know, our children, you know, that live in our home or, or a parent. And, you know, a lot of times it's not the amount of time.

00:01:39 It's the intentionality. It's just taking time a little time in creating that space is so needed. I mean, it could even be five minutes, maybe 10 minutes or 15. And so today I created some space to spend some time with God this morning and it really refreshed myself. It was just amazing. And what I was reading and even listening to actually was so timely.

00:02:08 I couldn't believe it was almost like God orchestrated that moment. And it's really fed me all day long. You know, I also created a space to be at my church office here, and I was actually creating some of these lives shows that you can find on my website. So each a blog post of the live show actually takes a little bit of time to create.

00:02:36 I'm thankful not much time. And, and so there's an efficient way of doing it. And it's been a blessing to be able to create posts that contain the video that you're watching right now, or even listening to. So there's an audio presentation of this as well as a written presentation at this. So depending on how you like to take in or consume information,

00:02:59 you know, it's there for you. And I'm really thankful to the platform that I'm using. It's called Kajabi. It's an interesting name, but it's a wonderful platform of just good hearted people that try to make things easy for content creators, as well as a wonderful experience for people like you to take in that same information. So I'm just amazed that,

00:03:25 you know, in a blog post, you could actually listen to an audio so you can be walking or jogging. You can even be commuting to work or, or, or doing some other type of task and actually listen to, it's almost like a podcast, listen to this audio presentation and, and allow yourself to do other things that are necessary, but also,

00:03:48 you know, kind of bundle something together with that and feed your soul. And so I find when I go for walks, I oftentimes I'm, I'm listening to a podcast or an audio book, or, you know, I'll, I'll listen to like a Facebook presentation, like a Facebook live, but I'll put, I'll just tune down the quality to like 144 piece.

00:04:10 So I don't know a lot of data, but, you know, I do that kind of stuff or even on YouTube. And it just, it's just so good to be able to take something in. And so, you know, a lot of times I'll do it with one ear button and then I'm listening to the birds and I can hear things in nature and stuff like that around me.

00:04:29 And I love taking a little time every day to do that. You know, I'm on my way home and you know, a little bit to see that I'm going to take some time to talk to my mom and visit with her, you know, and I just enjoy those visits that we have, you know, it's, it's just good to connect with yourself.

00:04:50 It's good to connect with God. It's good to connect with those you love. And I just want to encourage you to really create space, even if it's five minutes or 10 minutes And, and allow your heart To be fully present in the moment and just take in, you know, the beauty of life, the beauty of God's creation and his love for us.

00:05:18 And just the, the wonderful reality, even in difficult relationships sometimes, you know, It's hard, but To let those that we love know that we care to spend a moment, let someone know they're appreciated that they're worthwhile, that they have value, you know, even simple things like that. I created space before I came to the office today, it just hung out with my cat.

00:05:50 We have a new kid and I was just loving on her and, and she was purring the storm and it was just fun. It was a fun moment, two minutes. It was a good one. So find those moments and create space for what's important. I just wanna encourage you to, if you can connect or relate with what I shared today,

00:06:14 leave a DM or excuse me, or just a DME, or leave a comment below. And I'm encouraging you to take a moment and reflect on ways that you can create space.

00:06:28 Make it a great day! Take care.




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