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How to move beyond Stress Management to experience More Peace

reduce stress Jan 17, 2022

A better solution for stress, overwhelm and worry

Have you ever been frustrated at not seeing change in your life after trying different strategies or practices you thought would really make a difference?

It’s like you try harder to think and feel different, yet you find yourself continuing to struggle inside with stress, overwhelm, worry or perhaps anxiety, anger or shame. 

Why doesn’t all the approaches we learn in self-help books or resources such as teachings or podcasts create lasting change internally?

I’ve been there myself…

And witnessed most of the people I’ve worked with over the years struggle the same way.

So I began a quest toward authentic transformation. 

The kind of change that lasts inside and shows up in how we act or respond to others. 

I discovered that trying harder and striving to change in our own strength often doesn’t yield the results we long for. I also discovered that we need a different process other than self-effort and behavior modification. 

Forcing yourself to think and feel different can be exhausting…

After 20+ years of practicing Christian counseling, I desired to help others beyond my private practice and see the transformation I was seeing in so many lives. 

Less stress, overwhelm and worry… More peace and calm… Negative thought patterns being replaced with peace of mind.

Want to know why we don’t see the lasting change we desire in our lives?

We were never meant to change through striving or performance. God created us to change through a different process. 

More on this later…

But first, I would like to tell you a story:

Michelle grew up loving to help others in any way she could. She served in many activities in high school and volunteered at the local hospital even through college. 

As the years past, Michelle married and started having children. She got involved in many activities at her church and children’s school. 

It didn’t take long for her to feel overwhelmed and overextended. She knew she had a hard time saying no when asked to help or take on more responsibility even at her job. Michelle realized she was stressed, overwhelmed and always needed more hours in the day.

Her life became unmanageable and she was rather miserable even though she had a wonderful marriage, children and life. She was stressed and overwhelmed.

After reading several self-help books and trying many things to help manage her life better and deal with the difficulty of saying “no” to others, she decided to seek some help. Change was not happening in her thoughts and feelings even though she made some adjustments in her life.

She realized the need to please others was the driving force behind much of what she did. 

Michelle had a strong fear of disappointing others and struggled with her sense of worth.

Michelle’s story is one many of us can relate to regardless of gender, role or occupation in life. 

She desired real change inside and was tired of striving to make it happen. She needed a different way to experience authentic transformation beyond self-effort.

I will share more on Michelle’s transformational journey in coming days. We will discover what created this way of thinking for her… the true reason behind all the activities and stress.

You were meant to thrive in this life journey where stress, overwhelm, and worry are not daily experiences. 

My desire for you is to discover your own transformational journey that will lead to fulfillment in your relationships and life while deepening your connection with God.

Learn more about Your Transformational Journey by discovering the answer to How does your stress level relate to what you believe about yourself & God?




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