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limiting beliefs Jan 10, 2022

Unfulfilled Longing

Mr. and Mrs. Smith. She works, makes meals, and tends to the kids. He works long hours, comes home and eats supper in exhausted silence. She longs for connection with her husband. He strives to do a great job, because he longs for his boss’s approval, to prove he’s valuable and has worth. Meanwhile, he neglects his family. She wants to feel loved and cherished, but she ends up withdrawing into her own pain. If only they would move closer to each other, experience deep connection, and be strength for each other.

Whether married or not, each of us can relate to the issues Mr. and Mrs. Smith struggle with. We long for approval, for connection, for peace, and for feeling like we have value. Yet, often we go through life wounded and living with unfulfilled longings.


What would life look like if we could actually know and experience we really are cherished and loved? What if we did not have to destroy ourselves and our relationships with a performance-based struggle for the approval and acceptance of others? How would life be different if we lived with continual inner peace, rather than chronic worry?

Our transformational approaches to counseling offer you hope for a better future. Our counselors can help you experience the freedom God intended you to have. Paul wrote to the Christians in Galatia that Christ came to set them free, and they were to firmly stand in that freedom, not allowing themselves to be imprisoned by anything (Galatians 5.1).

What Hope Looks Like

If Mrs. and Mr. Smith were to allow God to visit them at the inner places where they experience their most powerful longings, they could really be free—free to be present to each other and to their children, free to launch out in life with confidence that they are loved, they are valuable. So neither one of them would have to spend energy on struggling to get what they already have. Their emotional resources would be released and made available to concentrate on thriving and living lives of wholeness.

We can help you begin your journey of hope. We can be there for you, helping you get to the place where real, solid change can exist each day for you. We can’t take life’s challenges and roadblocks away, but we can partner with you to ask God for healing where it counts: at the core of your struggles. This will free you to thrive and to experience peace, healthy relationships, and wholeness no matter what life throws your way!



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