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I'm thinking about running a virtual workshop to help you reduce stress

news Apr 11, 2022


00:00:08 Well, hello there. This is Dr. Sean with reduce stress and thrive. And in this expression seeking to help people reduce their stress overwhelm, anxiety, worry through mindset practices that improve your emotional wellbeing and spiritual practices that deepen your relationship with God. And all this is just a really help you begin to thrive and enjoy life and live life as your best self.

00:00:41 And so it's exciting in this season just to see, you know, the need that's out there and a sense of, you know, this, I think can have a huge impact on many people's lives, beyond the private practice or the counseling practice I have. And that's what I'm excited about. Actually, I'm not excited that a lot of people are have stress,

00:01:04 but I'm excited that they can be helped. And there is transformation and there is potential to live life from a healthier or a better perspective. And so I've been just thinking about creating a virtual workshop and this word virtual workshop would help people create a morning routine to reduce their daily stress. I find that if you start your day with just something that would feed your soul versus the to-do list or what you're worried about,

00:01:41 or the problems that you're going to face in the day, and then trying to figure out how are you going to solve those problems? You know, financial stresses or just, you know, there's been a lot of stresses this past year due to the pandemic and all the mitigation efforts and just, you know, things that we have to do though, how our lives have been adjusted.

00:02:00 You know, work has been changed. School's been changed at the way. We relate to one another family relationships, friendships. There's just, you know, being able to travel. There's just been so much that has created stress. And it's really in there finding this. And you're hearing reports that it's it's epidemic the amount of stress and anxiety and even increased depression.

00:02:25 But, you know, one thing that I've noticed over the years of helping people is that there's strategies, there's things that we can do to really not only reduce stress, but when we begin our day and kind of establish a morning routine 10 to 20 minutes and do like say two to four activities in this 10 to 20 minutes, it can really change things.

00:02:48 It has like a ripple effect throughout the day. Like I noticed personally that there are, there's a difference when I do the morning routine and when I don't, there's a difference in the morning. There's a difference throughout the day. And I, I just had better days and I can make it a great day when I do this morning routine. But,

00:03:08 you know, I find that in with a lot of people, I know when this topic comes up or even in my clients, I, I noticed that my clients, when they put a morning routine in place, they make significant progress in reducing the stress feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety and worry, and, you know, really worry. You can,

00:03:31 you can spell worry, C O N T R O L is a function of control in our mind where we're trying to figure things out and resolve things that are unresolved and, and it's fear based, and it can eat up a lot of emotional resources and a lot of time. And so, you know, I heard recently that there's a 40, I think,

00:03:53 40 bricks. How is it? 46% of the average Americans thought life is either thinking about the past or thinking about the future, but essentially it's negative and it's not living in the moment in the fullness of the moment. So I do believe that God created us to live in the moment and live in today and, and not be consumed by worries and the stresses of life.

00:04:22 And so there's many wonderful passages and you could do a Google search on, you know, you know, biblical passages that deal with stress or anxiety or fear and especially stress and anxiety. And you, it'd be interesting to, you know, look at those verses. And it's just like, kind of speaks a lot to that. You know, I,

00:04:45 I know for my own life, I don't want stress, you know, I don't like those feelings and, and I'm sure you don't either. And so, you know, I think there's some things that we can do practically there's good strategies and good practices. And I, I've been on a journey myself, you know, with this pandemic, I I've had increased stress in my life and I've had to look at this again and address it.

00:05:06 So I'm on my own journey of reducing daily stress and just really enjoying life, even though life is different, even though life is not what I expected it to look like right now. So anyways, I just wanted to kind of, you know, give an announcement of what I'm thinking about, but also just, I would love some input. If you have any thoughts,

00:05:29 any feedback, feel free to comment below or direct message me. And I'd love to hear from you, God bless you and make it a great day.




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