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Feeling Overwhelmed - Part 1

reduce stress Mar 14, 2022


00:00:09 Hello there. This is Dr. Shawn with reduced stress and thrive today. I'm speaking to you from a park down the street. For me, it's a little chilly this morning, little windy again, and, but I just wanted to get outside. So hope you enjoy this. And I'm just curious, what are you doing to find ways to get outside and to see the beauty of nature?

00:00:35 You know, there's been so many restrictions and so many things that we can't do like we used to, but one thing that hasn't changed is the nature around us. And, you know, being that, you know, the seasons are beginning to change spring is just around the corner. We had some warm wetter weather earlier this week, but now man,

00:00:54 it is cold, but anyways, it's, it's a great, great thing to be outside, even for a few moments until you have to go inside and warm up from the windshield. But anyways, yeah, today I'd like to talk to you about just what causes stress in our lives. Some of it is just feeling overwhelmed and sometimes we take a look at the big picture.

00:01:17 We look at everything that needs to be done or just everything that's on our plate. And as we look at the big picture, you know, it can overwhelm us. It can cause us even to shut down and, and really struggle inside with feelings of anxiety, maybe feelings of hopelessness. And then just the fear of failure. The fear that we can't do it,

00:01:40 or we're going to make a mistake, which links to that perfectionism that I was talking about previously. And overwhelm is something that like impacts so many of us and it really can create a good degree of stress throughout the day. But what I find is that it's, it's just so much better to break things down. So when you're dealing with a lot of things,

00:02:07 maybe making a list of things that you want to accomplish, you know, this month or this week, but then break it down for what can you do today? What are your big two or three things on your list that you can do today and just focus on those things? So my encouragement to you today is really just to break it down and look at what you can do now in this moment and live in the moment and let those other things go.

00:02:29 And I find that honestly, making a list or having something organized like on a task manager or whatever on your phone, but just making that list of that list will take care of itself. And you don't have to like attend to everything when you're organized like that. You don't have to get like hyper-organized, but it's just something about creating a list of things to do.

00:02:51 So you don't have to keep it all straight in your head. And then just being able to do what's in front of you and enjoy the day that you, because honestly, that's all we have is right now. We don't have tomorrow. We're not there yet. We live in the now and so overwhelm can really steal our joy and steal our peace.

00:03:11 And a lot of it has to do with our frame of mind or our mindset, and also maybe sometimes unrealistic expectations of what we have to do or what is necessary for us today. I just want to encourage you to break it down, take the steps that you can take today, live in the moment and have the joy and peace of God, make it a great day.

00:03:34 And if you like this video, or you have some thoughts on this, please DM me or post a comment below,

00:03:42 Take care.




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