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How to Create a Morning Routine to Reduce Daily Stress

reduce stress Apr 18, 2022


00:00:10 Well, hello there. This is Dr. Shawn with the reduced stress and thrive today. I want to talk to you about a virtual workshop or mini workshop that I've been thinking about. And last week I reached out to some people both online, through Facebook, as well as clients and friends and family members, and just, you know, got some thoughts on,

00:00:32 you know, would this be an interesting topic? And I got a real positive response, so it's kind of exciting, you know, something that I do from, you know, in my own faith journey, something I've encouraged, many clients and friends to do over time is create a morning routine to reduce daily stress. There's just something about making sure you start your day with a good perspective.

00:00:58 And, you know, like your cup is half full then rather than being half empty. You know, if we start our day with all the problems and everything that we're facing, you know, the demands of the day, or, you know, just issues that we got to deal with in the first few hours of our day, it just creates stress.

00:01:22 It's just, it's hard to move into your day when you're facing problems and you're facing just a real sense of overwhelm. So anyways, yeah, I I'd like to spend a little time and talk to you about this workshop. So it's going to be called reduced stress and thrive mini workshop. And the topic is how to create a morning routine to reduce your daily stress.

00:01:55 And it's just going to be exciting to take a look at mindset practices, you know, practices that will improve your emotional wellbeing as well as address limiting beliefs that are really at the core of our daily stress and, and find activities that build awareness of the way we're thinking, you know, like observing your thoughts, observing your emotions, and taking a step back as well as reframing them,

00:02:25 like reframing limiting beliefs and, and really beginning to receive an internalized truth. So there'll be spiritual practices that we'll look at as well as the practical is like, you know, what kind of activities do you do in creating a morning routine that will just help you start off your day and also just make it very doable, like 10 to 20 minutes. That's what I'm encouraging in this workshop.

00:02:51 I'm not talking about a half hour or an hour. I mean, some people might have that time in spend longer bits of time, but, you know, I'm really talking about engaging two to four practices, you know, mindset practices, spiritual practices, and even possibly incorporating a physical activities such as walking. You know, you could go for a short walk,

00:03:12 seven to 10 minutes and listen to something and engage a couple of practices just by doing that as well as then transitioning into some spiritual practices and continuing with like say maybe a practice of gratitude and, and even journaling to top it off to like end your morning routine. It just, it does so much to start your day, right that way. So anyways,

00:03:39 I'm looking forward to sharing more about this, as well as giving you some, you know, behind this, you know, behind the screen or behind the scenes, you know, look into the making of this workshop. So I have some behind the scenes lives coming up this week, and it's just going to be fun to kind of Chronicle this event as well as the creation of it.

00:04:06 And I hope it can be a real tool in your life. Like I, you know, this is something that, you know, I want to be there. So it introduces me to you. It helps build some trust. You get to hear me or get to know me a little bit. Is this somebody I like listening to, you know,

00:04:24 is what he's saying valuable. Like, does it, can it really bring transformation and life change? And, and so I'm looking forward to presenting this to you. You know, the biggest thing is I want to see you experience less stress and, and really begin to thrive, really begin to enjoy life and live from a better perspective, a healthier perspective and,

00:04:48 and a big piece of that. And thriving is the way you start your day, the way you begin to focus your day and focus your mind and your heart. And so we're going to dive deep with this and it's going to be fun. It's going to be encouraging as well as challenging, challenging, taking a look at some limiting beliefs that affect us negatively and,

00:05:11 and, and kind of hold us back from our best self. So until we talk again, make it a great day.




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